Google Code Jam – Template Javascript by vudduu

vudduu: Me gusta mucho usar este template en multiples competencias y para probar la solución a problemas creados para nacionales y concursos online en Bolivia.

var HackerX = (function(){
	var vIn = [],
		itIn = 0;

	var getNext = function() {
		return vIn[itIn++];

	return {
		processData: function(input) {
			var inArray = input.split('n');
		    for(var it = 0; it<inArray.length ;it++) {
		    	inArray[it].split(' ').forEach(function(item) {

		solveAll: function() {
            var T = getNext(), res;
			for(var cas=1; cas<=T ;cas++) {
                // solve
                console.log(["Case #", cas, ":"].join(''), res);

var _input = "";
process.stdin.on("data", function (input) {
    _input += input;
process.stdin.on("end", function () {

Para correr utilizo el siguiente comando en mi terminal:

node a.js < input.txt



Cookie Clicker Javascript Cheat

Link of the game:

This game is easy to hack, if you see the code for a while you can detect some easy actions to hack it

My friend and I did a contest to get the best quantity of cookies on 60 seconds and we both create funny scripts to hack the game

This is mine, just copy on the javascript console Sigue leyendo